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My Name is Camillus Konjalo, a very aggressive and confident young man who believes in dreaming big and achieving big.

.. I went through a normal life like any other Kenyan boy.
My parents told me and constantly encouraged me to go to school, get good grades, go to a prestigious university and then secure a good white collar job and be rich or live a comfortable life for that matter.

As a good son I heeded their advice and worked hard in class and eventually graduated. This is when reality hit me hard that this is the 21st century and a good education grades do NOT NECESSARILY guarantee a good job nor does it guarantee a rich lifestyle.

I managed to secure a job in the Insurance Industry.
I was making Ksh.20,000 each and every month. Being in the Nairobi City, this was not even enough for my basic needs. I always found myself with debts and more debts at the end of each month. I was caught up in a rat race and escaping it seemed impossible.

In 2015 I came across an online business opportunity with Global Internet Fortunes. An opportunity that opened my eyes to an industry I didn’t even know existed. An opportunity that has enabled me to achieve more in life and touch the lives of others. Am the kind of person who rarely lets opportunities pass me by. I embraced the Online Marketing profession with and decided to quit my frustrating insurance job and be my own boss.

The business started with me learning as I earn. I was making some little thousands on a weekly basis. The business had its own ups and downs but through the mentorship of the company and support of my business partners my earnings grew steadly.

I believe that we all have greatness within us and no dream is too big for us to achieve. I believe that if you can dream something then you can achieve it with the right attitude. But remember you can never climb the ladder of success with the crowd cheering you on nor can you do it with your hands in your pocket.

With GIF I have grown Financially and in Personal. I have achieved a lot in the past few years in this business including being an investor, buying land, travelling and Touching other people’s lives.

? I celebrate my first car courtesy of online work and encourage the courageous business minded to join me and my team in the race to end poverty through online work.

I sincerely thank my Mentor CEO/Founder of GIF Mr Kimathi Kamundeh for establishing this Wonderful Youth Empowerment Program.

I also thank ALL My Team Leaders & ENTIRE SUCCESS LINE (TEAM CC), ALL GIF Leaders & GIF Trainers who have contributed to my Success in GIF.

Thanks greatly to my Family and all well meaningful friend for your constant moral support

Without ALL of you this dream would not have become a reality.


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